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Desktop F001 Air Purifier Product Design Concept
2021-12-20 10:29:38

With the help of HEPA, the air only needs to be filtered once to be very clean. The F001 air purifier formally takes advantage of this, allowing the purified air to be blown directly to the consumer's breathing area, avoiding unnecessary repeated purification of the air. At the same time, after the negative ions are released, they must be absorbed by the human body or in contact with the skin within 10 seconds to have health and beauty effects. The F001 air purifier also blows the negative ions through the fan to the consumer immediately, which is better than others on the market. The air purifier can better achieve health and beauty effects.

Xiluo F001 purifier adopts a humanized design concept. When you sit at the table, your head is generally about 35 cm above the table top. The air outlet of the F001 air purifier is also 25-35 cm higher than the desktop. At the same time, the silent motor can swing the head 38 degrees to circulate air to the face, and finally ensure that the clean air and negative oxygen ions can fully cover your breathing range.

Purify and enjoy is the world's first and has invention patent protection. In this way, even if the office window is opened or the air conditioner is turned on, it will not affect your enjoyment of fresh air and negative ions.

F001 uses ultra-fine glass fiber as the core (HEPA) and adopts a honeycomb-type antibacterial and formaldehyde removal coating with uniformly sprayed activated carbon particles. It is specifically designed for office and indoor environments to increase the powerful removal of formaldehyde particles, which can effectively resist harmful gases. Invasion.

The unique three-dimensional structure of the product greatly increases the amount of dust removal. Ultra-fine electrostatic fiber technology, the one-time filtration efficiency is as high as 95%. After the negative ions are generated, they are fully mixed with pure air and transported to your facial area in the first time. This effectively guarantees the health promotion, beauty and beauty effects of its "vitamins of life". It is also proved by relevant authoritative medicine that long-term use of negative ions has obvious effects on rhinitis, dry eyesight and even asthma.

F001 has in-depth research and development of air filtration technology, strictly controls the production process, and insists on providing consumers with the highest quality products and the most perfect experience.
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