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The manufacturer takes you to understand the air purifier filter
2021-12-17 14:37:42

The filter of an air purifier can not be used for life with you. It blocks all kinds of pollutants in the air while also bearing the load of pollutants. Therefore, when a set of filters is "overloaded", we will We must replace it with a successor in time and continue to protect our respiratory health. Many people don’t know how to change the filter of an air purifier. Today, Xiluo Technology will give you a systematic and comprehensive answer!

        Misunderstandings in the use of air purifier filters

        The filter is the core component of the air purifier. We want to know whether a brand of air purifier is good or not. You can have a basic judgment by looking at the filter. The price of a good filter screen may be hundreds or even thousands, which may seem a bit expensive for ordinary families. So some people may ask: Is there an air purifier with a filter that can be used for a few years?

        Air purifier filter replacement cycle

        With the rise and popularity of the air purifier market, air purifiers have gradually become a must-have home appliance for thousands of households. Consumers have this idea that air purifier filters are consumables and have to be replaced once in a while. At present, there are many brands of air purifiers on the market, and the varieties of air purifiers are also dazzling. Different air purifiers use different purification principles and technologies, and of course the filters are also different. Generally speaking, different types of air purifier filters have different service cycles and cleaning methods.

        Filter type Longest service cycle Cleaning method

        Pre-filter 1 month washable

        HEPA filter 6 months can not be washed, can only be replaced

     Activated carbon filter 6 months can not be washed, can only be replaced

        Allergen filter 1 month, not washable, can be tapped to remove dust

        It is important to point out that because of the different levels of air pollution in different regions and the length of time each household turns on the air purifier, the life cycle of different filters is only a theoretical cycle. Consumers in some areas with severe air pollution, The replacement cycle of the air purifier filter should be shortened appropriately.

        It can be seen that the filter adsorption air purifier is indeed effective for air purification. Compared with other air purifiers with working principles (negative ions, electrostatic dust removal, photocatalyst technology, etc.), its purification efficiency is not inferior. Coupled with a relatively affordable price, it occupies a considerable share of the market. The survey shows that most consumers with a "use what you want" mentality will choose this type of product when they buy an air purifier for the first time.
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