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Xiluo's new optical plasma sterilizer car air purifier
2021-12-14 15:06:47
Xiluo's new optical plasma sterilizer car air purifier

Today, Xiluo Technology will grandly launch this smart air purifier for everyone. It will become your daily home companion and protect your family's breath and breath.

Xiluo Light Plasma Sterilization Car Air Purifier adopts the "light plasma sterilization and UVC purification" dual purification system, professional UV ultraviolet disinfection, separate light plasma sterilization function, directional sterilization through the air outlet surface of the filter, effectively removing viruses, bacteria, and molds , Volatile organic compounds (VOC), can promote the coagulation and denaturation of the nucleoprotein of pathogenic bacteria, effectively kill and inhibit the reproduction of bacteria, implement the "extreme purification" concept, and truly complete the full-effect purification.

Three-layer filter screen integrated blocking, rejecting indoor air pollution

The center filter material of this smart air purifier is made of nano-level antibacterial materials. The three-layer filter effectively intercepts dust, hair, fines, and particles as small as 0.003 microns, and the filtration rate is as high as 99%. However, ordinary air purifiers can only reach 0.3 microns, which effectively completes full-efficiency purification. In addition, the activated carbon filter layer can effectively purify indoor formaldehyde, and the HEPA H13 PET filter can filter indoor pollutants such as PM2.5, TVOC, and pollen up to 99.9%. The PP filter layer can kill bacteria up to 99.99%.

Intelligent detection by laser sensor, real-time maintenance of air quality

This smart air purifier is equipped with a smart detection function. The application of laser sensors can automatically detect the air quality of the home, display the data in real time, and let the air quality know well. In addition, it can adjust the air quality with one button, and the purification of formaldehyde is 10 times better than the European standard, which protects the whole family's breathing at all times.
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