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Shenzhen air purifier manufacturers tell you two common misunderstandings
2021-12-13 15:06:40

Misunderstanding 1: Place against the wall

The principle of an air purifier is similar to the lung function of the human body. It first sucks in the gas, and then adsorbs and filters it in the body, and then releases the processed gas. In this process, the intake of air greatly affects the efficiency of purifying air, which not only depends on the working efficiency of the fan, but more importantly, the placement of the machine.

At present, most air purifiers on the market are designed with a prismatic shape, most of which are cuboid or cube. The air is sucked into the body from the side. If the suction surface of the machine is placed against the wall, at least one suction surface will be Blocking, if it does not play the role of air intake, will definitely lose a certain degree of purification efficiency. This is also the reason why the air nets on the market are marked more than 20cm away from the wall.

In addition, placing it against the wall is easier to absorb the dust hidden in the corner, which greatly affects the efficiency of the purifier. If you want to achieve the ideal purification effect of the whole house, it is better to place the air purifier 1 to 2 meters away from the wall.

Misunderstanding 2: Do not change the filter element for a long time

The reason why an air purifier can filter haze and dust is its filter element. Without the filter element, it is equivalent to a fan. Therefore, the filter element is very important for air purifiers and requires constant maintenance, cleaning and replacement. .

Many people don’t realize this. They think they can get it done once and for all after they buy an air purifier. They don’t know that if the filter element is not replaced for a long time, the pollutants accumulated on it will breed many bacteria and viruses, and then these bacteria and viruses will be blown back. Indoors, indoor air will be polluted instead.
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