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Four points to teach you to choose a good car air purifier
2021-12-09 10:53:37
1. Pay attention to the CADR value and purification energy efficiency of vehicle-mounted purifiers

For the air purifier, the higher its CADR detection value (that is, the clean air output ratio), the faster the purification rate of gaseous pollutants, and the higher the purification efficiency of the air purifier. The CADR value of the mainstream vehicle-mounted purifiers currently on the market varies from 100-300 m3/h, and the CADR value is not as high as possible. For example, if the CADR value is 100, the suitable area is roughly 3 cubic meters (5 minutes). Purification is completed left and right), then there is no need to buy a car purifier with a CADR value of 500, otherwise it will not only waste but also cause large operating noise and affect normal life. Purification energy efficiency needs to correspond to the CADR value and power of each pollutant. Generally, the greater the purification energy efficiency value, the better the energy saving and the better the purification effect.

2. Pay attention to whether the product power and parameters are false

At present, there are many brands of car purifiers on the market, and the strengths of each brand are uneven, resulting in some inferior car purifiers "fishing in muddy waters", so you must choose the right brand and product, and pay attention to whether their parameters and power are in line with the car. Purifier manufacturers claim the same. For example, the manufacturer claims that the vehicle-mounted purifier has the function of removing formaldehyde, benzene and other pollutants, but the actual inspection of the relevant product manuals is not consistent. It may be that the manufacturer has exaggerated the promotion or the product function is not effective. If you find that the parameters marked on the product are inconsistent with the manufacturer’s propaganda, you can give feedback in time and do a good job after-sales treatment.

3. Pay attention to the working noise of the car purifier

Generally speaking, the noise value of the car purifier is between 40-60DB (decibel), and this is the working value of the maximum gear. If it exceeds 60DB, it is likely to affect the vehicle owner's driving, answering phone calls, and normal communication among people in the vehicle. Therefore, checking the noise value of the car purifier is also a very important item to pay attention to. If the noise of the maximum gear exceeds 60DB, it is recommended to choose carefully, otherwise it may cause trouble to the car owner.

4. Pay attention to the later use cost of the car purifier

Because most of the car air purifiers on the market use the working principle of filter purification, and the filter involves regular replacement, the filter is also an item that requires extreme attention in the later use of the cost. The cost of the filter involves two aspects, 1 is the price of the filter, and 2 is the replacement time of the filter. For the same price, the longer the filter replacement time is, the better. For example, the price of two filters is 60 yuan and one can be used for 6 months and the other can be used for 12 months. Of course, the latter can be used for 12 months. . Of course, the use time of the filter may not be able to fully reach the timeliness stated by the manufacturer, it involves issues such as the air pollutants in the use environment and the use time. The product, the composite filter type air purifier has higher purification efficiency and use effect.
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