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Why is our air purifier better than Dyson
2021-12-04 17:08:56
When we designed the air purifier, we did consider the advantages of Dyson's. However, after our deeply study of their purifier, we soon found their shortcomings and established the advantages of our air purifier.

First.  Dyson's air purifier is strictly a fan with a small part of purification capacity. It could only properly clean part of the indoor air, because most of the air is just circulating. Of course, this kind of design would bring a cool feeling when the weather is hot, but if the air purifier of this design principle is used in winter, we would feel very cold, or even catch cold;

OEM ODM Air Purifier

Second. The design of Dyson air purifier itself is also too complex. At the same time, in order to consider the appearance design on which Dyson has been famous, it would sacrifice most of its functional requirements to complete the so-called Dyson's aesthetic appearance. In other words, it is trying to follow the European design concept of "Minimalism", but at the same time, it ignores the most important premise of this concept is to ensure that the function could meet the needs of consumers.

Third. Dyson's design would not consider the production cost, because they are confident that the terminal price would always be high, and consumers would naturally spend money to buy it. As a result, the wholesale price and selling price would be very high; In the same way, the design of filter element would be correspondingly complicated, so the cost for consumers to buy filter element will be very high either;

Fourth. The market positioning of Dyson product design is not clear. For example, their latest desktop air purifier has the design defects of high noise, large volume, high price and not suitable for close-up use. It is estimated that its high price could only be justified by the air volume.
we have analyzed Dyson's air purifier above, and let us explain the advantages of our air purifier over Dyson's air purifier.

● The design principle of our air purifier is to provide consumers with a real air purifier that can completely filter indoor air and directly output it to consumers. Therefore, in a limited range and within an effective distance, we try our best to use the filter with the largest area as far as possible, and provide the most comfortable breeze in the quietest way to give consumers the best experience.

● Our air purifier will be superior to Dyson's in terms of mute design. While fully realizing air purification, we will match the most suitable fan for each air purifier to output clean air, and strive to provide consumers with adjustable air throughout the year to gain consumer recognition.

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● Each of our air purifiers is equipped with an independent negative ion generator to ensure that the air after the purifier is more healthy, at the same time, it could also provide consumers with beauty function.

● Our air purifiers have their own unique consideration and accurate grasp in terms of design elegance, which could ensure that even if they are stand nearby Dyson products, they are also beautiful.
● Our air purifiers are only for wholesalers, so we have to consider the two key issues of purchasing cost and quality for wholesalers in any detail.
● Our air purifiers have design patents in China, Korea, USA, UK and EU.

In the end. customers from our wholesale products had achieved more than tens of thousands of units of recycling purchase, which fully proved that we gave customers the wholesale price, quality and after-sales, could help customers to complete their profit.
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