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Can the car air purifier remove the peculiar smell in the car?
2021-12-04 16:02:24

The car air purifier is able to remove odors. Because there are various technologies and materials in the air purifier, it can provide customers with clean and safe gas. Common air filtration technologies include: absorption technology, negative (positive) positive ion technology, catalytic reaction technology, nano-photocatalyst, superstructure photoacidification technology, HEPA high-efficiency filtration technology, electrostatic induction dust collection technology, etc.; the key to raw material technology is: photocatalyst removal technology Formaldehyde, activated carbon, man-made fibers, HEAP high-efficiency raw materials, air anion generator, etc. The current air purifiers are mostly composite, that is, at the same time, a variety of purification processing technologies and raw materials are selected.

The car air purifier can filter and dissolve the indoor formaldehyde in the car, thereby significantly reducing the amount of indoor formaldehyde in the room. After the new car uses an air purifier, it can be seen from the air purifier’s LCD display The amount of formaldehyde is significantly reduced, so that the body is less exposed to formaldehyde harm. In addition, the air purifier also has other functions.

The filter device in the car air purifier is a key component, and it is a component that removes particles. According to the difference of the filter device, it can be divided into different types. For example, high-efficiency particulate gas (HEPA) filter devices, which can filter out particles above 0.3μm, but only allow the gas to pass through, and all allergens and smoke in the gas can be filtered out.

The air purifier can absorb and convert the smoke, bee pollen, germs and other pollutants in the air, and reasonably improve the gas cleanliness. The car air purifier can give everyone a comfortable and refreshing indoor air. Application in the car can achieve a more ideal purification treatment actual effect.

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