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Will air purifier leasing become a future development trend?
2021-12-04 15:58:37

Urban white-collar workers living in the office for a long time, increasing work pressure, working in the same posture for a long time, lack of exercise, and facing computer screens for a long time can easily cause premature hair loss, frozen shoulder, cervical spondylosis, etc. In addition, most office buildings in the city are completely enclosed. One office can accommodate dozens or even hundreds of people, as well as various office equipment. This will cause the indoor air quality to be very poor, and sometimes even people Headache, chest tightness, cough, wheezing, etc., will cause great harm to health in the long term.

Air pollution

Wandering outside, renting a house is a lifestyle chosen by many young people. We don’t know what the quality of the furniture and decoration in the house is. Some of them contain high pollutants and even deprive us of our lives. Last year, there was news that Ali P7 employees died of leukemia due to renting a long-term apartment, which was momentarily embarrassing.

In order to protect your health, many choose Indoor air purifier to purify indoor air, but air purifiers generally sell for thousands of yuan or even tens of thousands of yuan. It is not worthwhile to buy. Many houses have just been renovated, and air purifiers are used to eliminate odors. Generally, two to three months will be sufficient. It is more affordable to choose to rent.

dust filter for room

Therefore, many people in the industry said that the leasing model will be the future development trend of air purifiers. This model is not only conducive to product promotion, but also solves the problem that users cannot afford air purifiers because of insufficient funds.

Xiluo Technology's air purification experts believe that, as an emerging business, air purifier leasing may be explosive in the early stage, but the health and stability issues in the middle and late stages will become the biggest difficulty in this field.

For a long time, the entire leasing industry has suffered from insufficient supervision, which has not been effectively resolved, and many users have suffered. Not long ago, a Mr. Pang rented an unnamed air purifier expired. When he went to the merchant to refund the deposit, he found that the merchant had already disappeared. It is also common for businesses to lose their shadows when the lease expires. Therefore, when leasing, it is best to choose a big brand to be guaranteed.

No rules, no standards. Although air purifier leasing is still far away from the sharing economy, it has clear market demand and strong development space. I believe that after the transformation of the market, it will definitely bring convenience and benefits to consumers in the future.

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